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Avoid all of that “ick” factor in our personal, private travel consulting service – it’s a real-time exchange of information and travel advice, just like asking a friend – but a friend who’s been there.

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Our adventure tours include a range of everything from hotel bookings for a weekend getaway to entire vacations. Regardless of how big or small, each package focuses on authentic local culture and ensures that you’ll have a trip full of adventure and the experiences locals would recommend.

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Custom Travel Itineraries

With our custom travel itineraries, we go out of our way to find the right experiences for you – whether that’s the family-run guest house that doesn’t even have a website, or a local guide who works independently and is impossible to find.

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Off The Map Travels is not your typical travel agency. Our team of adventure travel planning experts is here to help you plan your independent travels to offbeat locations both big and small. We offer you flexibility in determining how involved you are in the adventure travel planning process and how independent you want to be during your travels.

used Off The Map Travels to research on and plan my trip to Ecuador, the Amazon and the Galapagos in March. It worked great! …Sara did a great job finding out my wants and needs. It would have taken me dozens of hours to do this on my own, so Sara’s fee was a real bargain. Strongly recommend Sara and will use her again if she’ll have me. – Steve, Destination: Ecuador & Galapagos Islands

Planning a business trip and want to get some sightseeing in too?

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We want to show travelers that there are plenty of ways to experience a destination – and help you find the right choice for you. Learn more about us and take a look at our Adventure travel planning packages.