Custom Itineraries

The wonderful thing about independent travel is the chance to go where the wind takes you. But any seasoned traveler will attest that, to get the most out of any trip, you should also have some plans in place. Creating a customized travel itinerary with Off the Map Travels offers the best of both worlds.

Time-saving support

Our custom travel itineraries are not cookie-cutter experiences. We offer tailored recommendations based on your specific interests and needs, saving you time planning your trip and giving you access to unique experiences otherwise unavailable to independent travelers. We lend support before and during a trip,  so we can either help plan excursions or experiences far in advance, or at the very last-minute.

Exclusive experiences

Our customized itineraries are all about out-of-the-ordinary adventures. After-hours museum entry, private cooking lessons, a stay with an indigenous tribe; if a travel experience exists, we can arrange it. Our custom travel itineraries can collate the best activities to suit your tastes, striking the perfect balance between must-see attractions and off-the-trail treats, while leaving you room for relaxation. We can also arrange everyday extras, from room upgrades to VIP experiences, to enhance your trip.

Every step of the way

When it comes to creating a custom travel itinerary, we are here to help as much (or as little) as you require. We offer many itinerary services, so you can just pick-and-choose the support that suits you. Services include choosing destinations, booking hotels, reserving activities, creating daily itineraries, providing public transport tips, and suggesting recommendations for restaurants, bars, shopping etc. We can also help with any special requirements, from booking babysitters to finding church services.

Our past successes

We have experience organizing everything from weekend breaks and week-long vacations to entire continent-wide gap years. Some recent customized trips include a food-inspired honeymoon in Italy (including cooking classes and a street food tour), an extreme sport adventure in Eastern Europe, a J-pop and manga-themed trip to Tokyo, Japan, and a series of post-business meeting activities in Paris.

No compromise on quality

Many travel agencies only work with a select group of travel partners that maximize their commission rate. However, as we prioritize your experiences over our profit, we will work with any professional, proven and trusted partners who will help make your vacation better. We are passionate about giving you all the personalized support you need for an incredible vacation.

All-inclusive prices

We charge a set fee for each custom travel itinerary we prepare. Our prices (just like our itineraries) are customized, with costs depending on trip length, special requests and other considerations. We will provide you with a firm quote after our first phone consultation. You can rest assured our rates include the research and preparation of your itinerary, as well as booking hotels, flights, and tours.

Talk to us today

Contact us today by filling out the form below. Once we have scheduled in a time you’re available to talk, we will discuss your preferences in detail, then prepare a draft itinerary for your consideration.


Sara was very effective at planning some travels in Europe for me. She shared her results in a Google spreadsheet, overlaid onto a Google map, and events were put in my Google calendar. Very efficient delivery, and her search-results and recommendations were of high quality. Highly recommended. – Peter, Destination: multiple cities in Europe


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