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Planning the trip of a lifetime can often feel as though it takes a lifetime. Independent travelers need to organize their flights and local transport, reserve their accommodation, plan their must-see sights, book their activities, and more. Fortunately, Off the Map Travels is here to lift your burden.

The personal touch

We work one-on-one with independent travelers, from first-timers to vacation veterans, to ensure they get the most out of their trip. From expert itinerary reviews to in-depth travel advice, our on-the-ground experience and insight will save hours of researching, booking and – vitally – worrying.

Whatever you need

Our one-on-one travel planning services are suitable for all. Need tips on travel destinations, hotels, airlines, and tour providers? Our comprehensive travel knowledge is at your service. Tentative about traveling solo or need advice about visas and vaccinations? Our first-hand experience will allay those concerns. Looking to improve your travel itinerary? We have been perfecting travel plans since 2011.

In your best interests

You can rest assured that we have your very best interests at heart. All our travel recommendations, which are based on years of personal travel experience and destination familiarity, are unwaveringly unbiased and tailored to your specific needs and desires. If we think you are trying to cram too many things in, or if better value options are available, we will tell you. Your trip of a lifetime is our reward.

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Made my trip to Tokyo soo much more fluid and fun packed! – George, Destination: Tokyo


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