Custom Travel Itineraries for Outdoor Activity Adventures

When you’re planning a vacation there’s a lot to think about, and this is even more true when you want to enjoy many different activities on your vacation. Visiting a destination that’s new and different is always exciting, though we appreciate it can also be a little daunting. Perhaps there are language barriers to overcome, or you want to try something that’s a little different to the norm. Well that’s where Off the Map Travels can really help.

Our custom travel planning itinerary specialists do all the hard work, saving you a great deal of time and hassle. Our service starts with a consultation in which we figure out what it is you’d like to see and do. From there we plan an itinerary specifically for you – we bear in mind what your budget is, the type of accommodation you’d like to stay in, the outdoor activities you want to try, and more.

We Can Incorporate All the Adventure Travel Activities You Want

What would you like to do on vacation? Explore rivers and lakes by kayak, hike a mountain or famous trail, go horseback riding, off-road driving, go on a safari, swim with dolphins? There are so many different outdoor activities you can try on vacation, and many depend on where you’re traveling to. If there’s something you enjoy doing, but you’re not sure if it’s available, we’ll find out. Maybe there’s a fabulous outdoor activity that you haven’t thought of – we’ll suggest this to you so you’re not missing out.

If you had to make all these arrangements on your own it could be a real headache. Imagine having to contact multiple local tour companies and guides and trying to coordinate everything. Our travel planning specialists take care of all the arrangements for you so although you’re still an independent traveler you have your vacation planned and mapped out. This way you can spend all your effort enjoying what’s to come rather than worrying if everything will work out.

More Than Just Outdoor Adventure Activities

So you’re an outdoor activity enthusiast, that’s great, we’ve got you covered! But we also have you covered with all the other details of your trip. As well as taking care of those outdoor activities you’d like to enjoy, our travel planning service extends much farther.

  • Destination Selection – maybe you know what you would like to do, but you don’t know where you would like to do it! Tell us your interests and we’ll suggest the best destinations for you based upon season, your interests, and your skill level.
  • Lessons, Tours, and More – are you trying a new adventure activity and you’d like lessons? We can organize these for you. Or maybe you’re a seasoned professional and you want to go it alone – all your independent activities can be arranged by us. Group tours are also a specialty if you prefer to join a tour and make some friends along the way.
  • Accommodation – taking your budget into account we can suggest and book hotels, campsites, wilderness lodges, or whatever type of accommodation you want.
  • Restaurant Recommendations – want to find the best restaurant in town or do you prefer to eat like the locals? We will recommend restaurants that cater to your tastes.
  • Transportation – getting to all those outdoor activities can be challenging, especially if they’re in rural locations. We can take care of all the transport arrangements for you.
  • Special Requests – however strange or however normal they are, let us know if you have any special requests and we’ll incorporate those into your custom travel itinerary too!

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