Cuba: Discover the unexplored

Though long off-limits, this Communist bastion is slowly opening up. Through what’s known as people-to-people travel, Americans now have a unique opportunity to experience this extraordinary island before things change. Seize your chance to see this time-capsule country where classic cars still clatter down shabby colonial streets and lively bars buzz with Afro-Cuban beats.


The Cuban experience

What Cuba lacks in iconic attractions, it more than makes up for with culture. From rhythm-charged Afro-Cuban jazz to the softly plucked meanderings of Spanish guitar, music is an essential part of everyday life – and of any trip here. Cuba’s robust tradition of cultural vibrancy also extends to the art world, with visual culture playing an integral role in society. Meet local artists, entrepreneurs, historians, farmers and factory workers who can offer insight into the rhythms of Cuban life. You’ll also discover the evolving culinary scene and see how chefs at Havana’s finest paladors (in-home restaurants) are putting their stamp on classics such as ropa vieja (a stew with meltingly soft strips of shredded beef) and pernel (slow-roasted pork shoulder) – not to mention sampling some of those legendary cigars and cocktails.


Carefully crafted trips

Want a tour that takes you from the virginal sands and lush rainforests of the south coast up to the cobbled warren of Old Havana? Want to learn more bout the legacy of Che Guevara or listen to live son bands in sultry Santiago de Cuba? At Off the Map Travels, we are all about customized travel and can offer much more than we have room to mention here. If it can be done in Cuba, we’re happy to arrange it.


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